Having mentors and leaders in your life is so important to achieving your goals. Are you thinking of starting a business? If you are, there are some really awesome women on Twitter that have been there and done that and are true shining stars in their individual industries. Are you a foodie and want to do something to make money by selling your delicious dishes? Are you a techie and want to create a start-up with games or other tech products? Maybe you love jewelry?  Well, we can’t wait to share with you some of the fascinating women that have done some really fascinating things – and are sharing their voices with gusto and educating and entertaining the World Wide Web too.

Check out these 10 Women Entrepreneurs from 10 Industries that inspire, motivate and educate.

1) Maria Johnsen: @iMariaJohnsen

A multilingual SEO, PPC (Pay Per Click) and social media marketing expert.

Maria is all that and more! A real global influencer, she knows 18 (18!) languages and is an IT guru. She is also a published author and a hashtag aficionado! Some of her most recent tweets cover the areas of #SEO #digitalmarketing #ecommerce #seoexpert #technology #ecommerce #Influencer #tech

2) Tory Johnson:  @toryjohnson

A consumer advocate and official #DealHunter, and #1 NYT bestselling author of ‘THE SHIFT’.

If you are good at finding deals and thinking about helping other people do that for a business, follow Tory! She is on television too! Finding deals on Good Morning America, and  Hosting HSN’s Tory Johnson: Deal Hunter, she is great source to help motivate and inspire. Even if you want to do something else (have you figured it out yet?) she is a great source of information for any entrepreneur. #DealsAndSteals #DealHunter target=”_blank”>#MadeinAmerica target=”_blank”>#GMADeals

3) Fabienne Colas: @Fabiennecolas

Artist, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist – Founder of FC Success Academy, 7 Festivals worldwide & Fabienne Colas Foundation.

Follow our Founder! She loves to share business tips, entertainment and motivations and is SO EXCITED about the Fabienne Colas Success Academy! It’s an Online Business Training Bootcamp for today’s entrepreneurs. As a successful businesswoman and leader/speaker/motivator/educator, she wants to help you live your dreams and turn your PASSION into CASH. #businesstips #Entrepreneurship #business #Video #Success #Blog #Businesstip

4) Laura Weidman Powers: @laurawp

An information technology leader and co-founder and CEO of Code2040.

Laura leads a nonprofit that propels entrepreneurial success in the tech world. Specifically, Code2040 helps underrepresented minorities in the technology arena – focusing on Blacks and Latinxs. She was also a senior advisor to the U.S. Chief Technology Officer in the Obama Administration in the summer of 2016! #techtrek2040 #pocintech #sxsw #BBFounders

5) Kirsty Henshaw: @Kirsty_Henshaw

A health food entrepreneur, mum, and owner of @Kristys_

If you are a foodie like Kristy, you will want to get to know her well. She has made a successful business creating healthy meals (including for children and adults with food allergies). Starting her business over 10 years ago when she found out her son was intolerant to gluten and dairy and allergic to nuts, she took control and made a real difference in her son’s life, and now for so many people.  #RandomActsOfKindnessDay #lunchonkirstys #allergy  #intolerance t#Gluten  #Dairy

6) Manisha Thakor: @ManishaThakor

Finance expert and author on women’s financial empowerment.

Manisha runs Money Zen, providing financial expertise particularly focused on women. She is also the Director of Wealth Strategies for Women at Buckingham & The BAM Alliance. She just recently participated in a discussion on Twitter with @ChelseaKrost on #MillenialTalk. Whether you want to go into the business of finance, or just need great tips about handling money (who doesn’t?) then she is definitely one to watch (and follow!) #fb #in #IWD2017 #MoneyZen

7) Dolly Parton: @DollyParton

A music legend, entrepreneur, and a woman who knows herself really really well.

Yes! Dolly! Who doesn’t love Dolly? This music legend and entrepreneur has been in the public eye for decades and is still going strong. This talented and amazing woman has created such an authentic brand — always staying true to herself and created a trajectory of success that is legendary. Her tweets are powerful, heartwarming, and provide a light beam into how to really connect with her audience and fans. #DollysLibrary #Dollyism #DailyDoseOfDolly #GRAMMYs

8) Heather Frey: @SmashFit

A health and fitness media expert and motivational coach.

Helping people get and keep fit with SmashFit, Heather says, “Your body won’t go where your mind doesn’t push it.” (our minds are so powerful and can make or break us) Her particular mode of business combines industry knowledge with communication in a real motivational way. Follow Heather to find out her health and business secrets! #fitness #bestbody #friday #fridaynight #gym #workout #strengthtraining

9) Amber Atherton: @AmberAtherton

“A fashion loving tech girl in the jewellery world”

This London-based founder Founder & CEO of Zyper and My Flash Trash combines social media and branding savvy with a true love of jewellery for her offerings. This millennial brings intelligence and sass to the business world in her tweets and has a lot of fun with gifs. #RubricApp #startuplife #InternationalWomensDay

10) Ida Tin: @idatin

Passionate about women’s health and founder of Clue.

A voice for women’s health in the tech world, Ida tweets about a diverse array of subjects from health to challenges in politics. She’s been highlighted in the New Yorker and is definitely one to watch- and follow too! #femtech #NowYouKnow #berlin #femalehealth

So, there you have it! Are you inspired? Are you motivated by these ten amazing women on Twitter? (We definitely are!) If you don’t have a Twitter account yet — start one! It can be such a useful tool not only to find an audience for your business, but also to learn from industry leaders and see their online branding strategies in real time.

In the meantime, think about the rest of the steps you need to take to follow in the footsteps of these successful women. Education is crucial in getting where you want to go. At FC Success Academy we can guide you step-by-step with your online branding and much more. Good news: Enrollment are on now, visit the Fabienne Colas Success Academy today.

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